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Choosing Sunglasses: What pair is right for you?
When choosing sunglasses there are a few things to keep in mind: What style to choose from and what options to choose from.
  1. What style to choose from:
Oval Faces
Oblong Faces
Round Faces
Square Faces
More frames look good with this face shape than any other, as long as the size of the frames is in proportion to the face.
Long narrow faces are similar to square faces in that chin and cheek are of nearly the same width. Facial length, however, is far greater than the width. Frames should cover as much of the center of the face as possible in order to minimize the length.
To play down the roundness, select frames with straight or angular lines. Deep color such as black or tortoise also minimizes fullness.
Compliment a square face with frames that are slightly curved. The top of the frames should sit high enough on the face to downplay the jawline.
Triangular Faces
Large Nose
Long Nose
Small Nose
This shape is defined by a broad forehead and narrow mouth and chin. Frames with a thin rim and vertical lines will help balance the bottom part of the face. Frames should not sit too high on the face. Avoid large frames, heavy nose bridges, bold colors and square shapes.
Large oversized frames are recommended for balance. Small frames will accentuate the nose.
Frames with high sidebars that draw attention upward toward the temples and away from the nose are a good choice. A double bridge helps a nose appear shorter.
A high bridge in a light color lengthens a short nose or a nose that is small in proportion to the rest of the face
   2. What options to choose from:
When choosing options base your selection on your daily activities. If you drive a lot you may want to invest in a pair of copper driving glasses or a polarized sunglass. These sunglasses help reduce the amount of surface glare cause by reflective object including wet roads. These types of sunglasses are also great for fishermen as they'll greatly reduce the amount of glare reflecting off the surface of the water. (Type polarized into the search box to view our available styles with this option.)
Other options available are spring temples. Springs temples have spring hinges which allow the sunglass arms to expand outward. This adds comport especially if you normally have trouble fitting into standard sized sunglasses. (Type spring temples into the search box to view our available styles with this option.) 
Several lens colors are available in most style sunglasses sold here. All of our lenses offer 100% UV protection so select a color that is right for you. Most style sunglass lenses are made of standard lens material which is perfect to average day to day use. If your prone to dropping your sunglasses or your sunglasses take a lot of wear and tear you may want to invest in a sunglass that offers Polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is a highly strong polymer. This material helps reduce the chances of scratches and cracking of the lenses. This is the same material that fighter jets use for their canopy. (Type Polycarbonate into the search box to view our available styles with this option.)
Here's our a few of our suggestions by gender:
Our products are inspired (unless otherwise noted) and are not exact copies of the products as noted in their respective description.

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