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Burn Notice TV Show Polarized Michael Westen Sunglasses
Burn Notice TV Show Polarized Michael Westen Sunglasses

  • Currently 4.7/5 Stars.
  •   4.7/5 stars
Read 46 Reviews | Write a Review

Gift Wrapping
Lens Size/Lens Color/Frame Color



Compare our prices to those of the sunglasses worn by Micheal Westen as seen in hit TV series Burn Notice. These inspired sunglasses feature a metal frame with a gold-plated finish, our exclusive American made .75mm Polarized Cognac Impermex™ lenses (Impermex™ lenses are impact, scratch and impact resistant and feature a laminated polarizing process), springs temples (for added comfort) and 100% UV protection. Available in the following lens sizes; 52mm, 55mm, and 58mm. NOTE: 58mm has Sienna (tan-ish) color ear pieces. 
  • Overall dimensions;
  • 52mm lenses, 42mm max height and 135mm (outside temple to outside temple),
  • 55mm lenses, 43mm max height and 143mm (outside temple to outside temple). Fits most people.
  • 58mm lenses, 45mm max height and 147mm (outside temple to outside temple).
  • Size Recommendations;
  • 52mm Recommended for small face/body size only
  • 55mm Recommended for small to medium face/body size . Fits most people.
  • 58mm Recommended for large face/body size

Retail (if authentic): $975

Also Available:

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Item Reviews

  • 1
I had purchased the "Burn Notice" glasses off of their website after Amazon messed up our order, which still has yet to be corrected, but that is not this companies fault. As far as the frames and lens color I am really happy with they are damn close. The lenses themselves are terrible, they didn't even use a plano lens which costs about $2.50 to $5.00 for them to buy. Instead they used the even cheaper lens that is used for "showing" glasses so they don't fit tight in the frame and there is a visible gap in the lens cut. I used to make glasses and the cut and lens used are just ridiculous for what I paid. If they had gone a plano lens and got the cut better so both lenses fit tighter I would have been very happy with these frames.
  • 1
I have had these sunglasses for 4 years now. They still look great! I would 100 recommend. I was a lifeguard for 2 of the 4 years and was always complemented. Great buy! Would buy again in a heartbeat... But mine are still like new with literally every day use!
  • 1
The 55s are good but the 52s are better but I have a big head.
  • 1
As expected
I have ordered the 55mm. Perfect fit, they look great. Ok, have to go and pick up Fiona!
  • 1
Micheal Weston sunglasses
Love these glasses when I wear them I feel just like Michael Weston the burned spy
  • 1
I ordered the silver frame with polarized lenses and I have to say they are better than I had expected! I took a gamble on these just being run of the mill off the rack (gas station) glasses but to my total pleasure they far exceeded my expectations! Well worth the money spent... Lenses are not grainy like cheaper sunglasses, they are very clear and comfortable. Definitely recommend these sunglasses considering Oliver Peoples doesn't make sunglasses anymore and these are very close match!!
  • 1
The real deal
These sunglasses are real first of all. I just got my pair and they look exactly like the picture on the website. Thye appear to be good quality, and have good durability. This may not look like te most credible website, but there are no problems at all.
  • 1
Mike sunglasses
I received my pair in 1 month so that was pretty quick! They look amazing and fit me well so I can only recommend these sunglasses to every fan of the show!
  • 1
I love the tint, the quality is good.
  • 1
The sunglasses came as expected and shipping was fast. I'd recommend this site to anybody.
  • 1
When you're burned...
Wanted a pair of these since the show started,and now finally ordered a pair.
  • 1
super happy
So I'm a huge fan of the series so I needed a pair of Michael Weston sunglasses for when I wear my suits. I'm a pretty average sized person and the 55s fit me perfect. They look just like the originals. I received them super fast I ordered them on a Friday night and received them on Monday (i did pay the extra $3 for faster shipping). A very minimal design, very light on weight. Look just like the originals. Polarization is great, but maybe too great. That's my only complaint, after wearing them for some time my eyes start to feel a burning sensation (no pun intended). I have other polarized glasses and never had this happen. I guess you get what you pay for but either way I will continue to wear them with moderation.
  • 1
I must say, I was incredibly surprised by the quality of these for the price. I bought mine about 3 1/2 years ago, and they were only $30 (I believe) at that time. I'm not sure why the price has jumped, but it's still a great bargain for what you're receiving. Mine lasted me forever and took quite a bit of use. They only broke after they were accidentally stepped on.I had bought a pair of the Oliver People's authentic sunglasses. But they are insanely expensive, and I don't even care to wear them out because I'm worried they will break. They don't even make them anymore, so this is about the closest you'll get to owning the real thing.
  • 1
Michael Westen 55mm
Sunglasses came in just fine. Shipping took much longer than expected though! Took 2 weeks when estimated shipping was 2-3 days.
  • 1
Micheael Westen Sunglasses
I got can't wait to get mine!!! Ordered them today!!!
  • 1
Burn Notice TV Show Polarized Michael Westen Sunglasses
  • 1
The only real differences between these and the authentic Oliver Peoples Victory sunglasses are the lenses (a little darker) and the top bar is on top of the frame rather than being more seamless. I can get over the non-seamlessness of it, and I think the tint is just right. I waited to buy these because I have a narrow face, and I'm glad I did because the 52mm size fits me perfectly. These sunglasses are supremely cool, worth the money!
  • 1
Great service, great glasses
Customer service is great from this company. That aside, the glasses are perfect replicas of the Oliver Peoples Victory glasses and are great quality. Very happy.
  • 1
Firstly I live in the UK, Scotland and they only took 10 days to arrive standard delivery, very quick indeed. The Style and Quality are exactly what I hoped them to be. They are the closest I can find to the Michael Western Glasses, The top bridge part is slightly raised instead of flush with the top of the lenses but aside from that perfect. I got the 55mm and they fit perfect being average sized.
  • 1
Very Nice
I ordered both the 52mm and the 55mm to see which I would like best. I have a narrow face and so I thought the 52mm would be the best pair. Although they did fit very well, the 55mm actually look better on me. The 52mm look very nice, however they are a bit more square than the 55mm. The increase in size between the 52mm and 55mm is mostly an increase horizontally. The extra width really makes a difference on my face, even though my face is narrow.Additionally, the customer service was extremely easy to work with and responsive.
  • 1
Very good quality
I lost my Oliver Peoples Victory 55's so I decided to give these a try I'm impressed with the quality and they are very close to the original
  • 1
Best Shades
Aside from not having a titanium frame, the exact ear rest pieces, labels, matching spring temples, or the lenses in the slightly lighter shade, these shades are an exact match down to almost the exact color and exact shape. They're durable and are guaranteed to get you some fantastic compliments. For the record, the bottom curve at each lens has been reduced to match the Oliver Peoples Victorys, there's now a label on the right arm stating "Polarized Cognac 55mm" (on the 55mm model anyway), white tortoiseshell ear pieces (at least on the 55 and 58mm models) that better match the OPs, unique spring temples for added comfort. I plan on getting the silver chrome and black onyx 55mm model for another unique pair.
  • 1
I got the 52m smaller size, as the 55m seems to big like the other review and its abit more round, but still decent.!!
  • 1
Very good
Today the sunglas is arrived.After 2 weeks(very fast)it likes original how the oliver peoples vicory 55 In germany the prize is on ebay 550€therfore i look for an same glas but cheaper.than i found this website and i was is simply a brilliant sunglas
  • 1
Michael's Glasses
They arrived in 2 weeks which is pretty good. They are genuine look-a-likes of the ones Jeffery wears. If you look very closely there are a few quality picks but all in a not bad at all.
  • 1
Michaels Shades
I was looking all over for these glasses and all i could find were the "Oliver People's Victory 55" (which are what Michael actually wears)... i found a couple pair on eBay and they all sold for about 500-610 dollars. good thing someone bid me out or i would have spent 500 dollars on glasses just for the name. i received these today and the 55's are the exact same as the real ones. i am very picky and had to have the name brand of what he wears but i gave in. the as the EXACT SAME as what Michael wears on the show. if you are looking for them i highly recommend getting these. and if you don't want them to take 8 weeks to ship to you i messaged sunglass shack and asked for their 2-3 day shipping. its only 8 or so extra dollars, well worth it. I highly Recommend this site. excellent!
  • 1
I like
Great service!! I was concerned the 55's looked a little large compared to Mike's on the show. He may have a bigger face than mine. I am impressed and Polarized lenses make a huge difference. I'll be back for more!
  • 1
Michaels Sunglasses
Just received the glasses today, was expecting them 8-10 weeks delivery but to my suprise 4 weeks..Excellent quality, spring loaded, extremely happy. I would recommend the glasses from Sunglass Shack as i received 2 other pair aswell the Quantum of Solice and Fight Club 1`s. I`ve recommended this site to others and will continue to do so in the future thx ...
  • 1
Pretty Accurate
I recieved these as a gift and I have to say they're pretty accurate, however like one of the other reviews said they're a little rounded on the bottom but other than that they look exactly like Mike's on the show
  • 1
good glasses
These are good, only complaint is they turned green on me since they are obviously a replica
  • 1
These are fantastic,i received them very quickly (2-3weeks).Almost identical to the ones used in burn notice.Highly recommended.
  • 1
55 color?
Do the 55's come in cognac and gold frames or are they black shades like the description says?
  • 1
very similar to the burn notice glasses. though the lenses are a bit darker and the ends of the stems are red instead of white like on the show. also the frames are a little to round. but they are pretty close to michael westens. very very comfortable
  • 1
Love the look on Jeffrey Donovan! Perfetc fit
  • 1
Got the 55's I got a small face. Happy with the service and quality. Pretty much dead on to the real glasses at a fraction of the price.Only possible gripe is the lenses are a shade darker than the original but its fine.
  • 1
Lucky Choice!
So I got the 58mm instead of the 55mm just to be safe and boy am I glad!Turns out, I am one of those large size faces and if I had gotten the 55s, I probably would be having headaches from the sun instead of looking badass in the sun :pIt took almost 4 days to reach me, but these are my favorite pair of sunglasses right now.
  • 1
Excellent! Exactly what i was looking for. I recommend the 55mm even though they cost a little more. They fit perfectly and are very nice to wear, plus they are dead on to the shades in the show.
  • 1
Just ordered
I just ordered these hopefully they look and feel good, I'll post when i get them!
  • 1
<3 it
i really want these glasses do you all really approve?
  • 1
Ordered on Friday, arrvied on my doorstep today! Couldn't be happier, great glasses
  • 1
Unknown Entity
This looks promising. But I haven't bought it yet, any chance in a year it will lower down to like $20-$25?
  • 1
When You Get Burned
I received these for Christmas. as I was looking them over I realized they were the ones Michael Weston wore. I was supper excited. They are polarized, fit great, and I've got several compliments on them.
  • 1
Burn Notice sunglasses
Sunglasses look exactly the same! Perfect I love them.
  • 1
the shades
I just got these sunglasses in the mail for a Christmas present for a friend of mine who loves Burn notice and they are amazing! so cool! I can't wait for him to see them!
  • 1
Spot on
I have to be honest I wasn't expecting much when I purchased these, but I was VERY IMPRESSED with these shades. The 58's are exactly the look I was going for and the quality is definitely there. The polarized lenses are great, and Service was fantastic as well. These were at my door in 3 days. Highly recommended, and will be back for more purchases. THANKS!!
  • 1
just like mike
these are almost an exact copy of micheals glasses

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